US Green Building Council - Ohio Chapter - Southwest Ohio Region

LEED Statistics

The Cincinnati region is a very active area in the number of LEED Certified projects and the number of Credentialed professionals. USGBC has, at the national level, begun to archive the large amount of data generated from the growing number of LEED projects. We have a post dedicated to a database and website called The Green Building Information Gateway (GBIG) that you can read here.

Or, you can look at a few charts excerpted from the GBIG site that are indicative of the growth of LEED in our area:

Certification by SF 2013.02.25

Cincinnati outpaces all other Ohio cities in number of LEED Certified projects.

LEED Credentials 2013.02.25

Cincinnati also is a leader in the number of Credentialed Professionals.

NC v. EB 2013.02.25

The increase in the number of Exiting Building Certifications is indicative of the recent real estate downturn and the trend in recent years where owners are seeking to save money and energy in their current space.

Top 5 Owner Types 2013.02.25

While institutional projects may garner more attention, the numbers reveal that real estate investors produce higher numbers of LEED Certified projects.