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Lake Hope State Park Lodge Earns LEED Certified Posted by Jim Ratliff on 07/7/14 in Certified, Featured, LEED


Lake Hope State Park Dining Lodge in McArthur, Ohio has earned LEED certification. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources worked with Karen Joslin of Joslin Consulting and David Reiser of RVC Architects to rebuild this historic lodge after a fire destroyed it in 2006.

The lodge was designed and constructed using as much natural and local material as possible. The wooded beams came from Zaleski State Forest which is only two miles away and carries the Forest Stewardship Council certification for sustainable forestry management. Materials and products were chosen that have recycled content and were manufactured within 500 miles of the site. The steel, drywall, and carpet are all regional and contain as much as 75% recycled material. All of the timber and wood are from within 100 miles of the park. With a paleo-botanist on staff, a truly native landscape was installed to reduce water consumption. Trees were protected within feet of the construction to preserve the setting.

Some of its green features include:

  • PV solar panels
  • energy efficient lighting
  • low-VOC finishes
  • native, drought-tolerant vegetation
  • water conserving fixtures
  • FSC certified lumber
  • reserved parking for hybrid vehicles