Although originally the Social Security card was supposed to be only used to determine where to deposit a worker’s contributions to their SS retirement fund, the cards have increasingly become a form of identification. This is a problem, since there are no photos on the cards and therefore nearly anyone can use the number or card from someone else along with other types of ID. This has led to a lot of the cards being stolen to be used in various illegal ways. Here are some tips on protecting your card and number, plus how to get a duplicate Social Security card.

Never Keep Your Card In Your Wallet

Although in the past this would seem to be a good idea, or it didn’t matter very much, it has now become a problem. You should only carry your SS card in your wallet if you are going to need it, such as applying for a job, credit, or other important uses. In most cases, you don’t need to show your actual card until a later time.

When applying for jobs, you should have your card on your person, but not fill out the number on every application for every job you apply for. In place of the number, you should write the words “upon hire” or “ask” or something similar. If need be, you can pull the card from your wallet and show the supervisor where you are applying, but you don’t want your number easily found by all the different people that work in hundreds of businesses all over town. Once you get hired, you can fill out the IRS forms, show your card, and be much safer.

Your actual card, should be kept in a safe place, inside a zip-lock bag, in a safe or strong box hidden from view. It would also be wise to keep a spare, duplicate Social Security card in a separate place just in case. If your wallet gets stolen, you’ll need some basic identification in order to get new pieces at the various government agencies. An original birth certificate, social security card, bank statement, military ID, or other government issued identification should be kept separately, in your home, inside a plastic bag, and locked up.

In Order To Get A Duplicate Social Security Card This Is What You Need

You’ll have to have a document that proves your age, identity, citizenship, or immigration status. A government issued ID, such as a drivers license or identity card would be a primary source. A US passport would also be considered a primary source as well.

In some cases, you can show them other documents in person, in the SS office, such as school ID, health insurance card, employee ID cards, or other pieces. They have no problem getting you a card, as long as they can determine your identity. As secondary pieces that only prove age, US hospital birth records, or religious records can be used as well.

Duplicate Social Security cards are free at the local offices. You should protect your new card from loss or damage by storing it safely in a locked, waterproof box. If you need it, take it out and show it and then return it to a safe place. With all of the identity theft these days, you can’t be too careful. Get to know more at