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Green Building Information Gateway Posted by admin on 02/2/13 in GBIG

GBIGGBIG is a global innovation platform for exploring and comparing the green dimensions of the built environment. GBIG is the premier search engine for green building data, providing insights that enable better buildings and communities.

GBIG is brought to you by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), champions of the green building movement, and the creators of LEED.Who should use GBIG?Anyone interested in green building. GBIG provides tools that allow project teams, portfolio managers, investors, product manufacturers, researchers – and the general public – to discover green buildings around the world, generate insights and accelerate market transformation.How is GBIG organized?GBIG is organized around activities (projects at or within a building), buildings, places, strategies and collections. Users can navigate the site through these main areas, browse featured content, or simply enter keywords into the search.

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