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Great American Tower at Queen City Square Tour Posted by Jim Ratliff on 05/5/15 in Chapter, Events, LEED


Great American Tower at Queen City Square Tour

April 21, 2015

The USGBC Cincinnati Regional Chapter extends its gratitude and heart-felt thanks to the Eagle Realty Group and Queen City Square, specifically………

Ashley Buchanan
Heather Simpson
Jeff Garr
Dennis Stuard
Emily Smith

….for hosting our event at the Great American Tower on Tuesday April 21, 2015.

Great American Tower is unique among LEED certified buildings. It is nearly 1 million square feet in size, and achieved LEED V2 Gold under the Core & Shell rating system in August of 2011. It is the largest office building to do so in our region. To top that off, nearly 500,000 square feet of that tower, occupied by anchor tenant Great American Insurance Group achieved LEED V2 Gold under the Commercial Interiors rating system in June of 2012. A single project of this size, certified at the Gold level in two LEED rating systems, was breaking new ground in this country at that time. It is still one of the pinnacle office projects anywhere with these LEED certifications.
The event was not the typical presentation and building tour. The event started with attendees split into two groups to do a walk-through of an un-finished shell space, followed by a walk-through of a finished space in the Great American Insurance Group offices. They were given no hints, but were asked to use their own powers of observation. After the walk-through’s, the attendees were seated for lunch and prompted to report on what features they noticed in their tour that contributed to LEED intent. These were written on a marker board, then later compared to a pre-prepared list. The group of 21 attendees were surprisingly observant, and spotted (or guessed) nearly all of the features included on the list. The list is included below.

Indoor Parking Garage

Showers and indoor bike storage
Interior photo-control to reduce lighting when ambient is adequate on upper garage floors
Demolition of the old garage buildings on the site provided recycled content and “brown field” re-use
Indoor parking contributes to reducing non-roof heat island effect

Building Exterior

Native plantings to reduce irrigation needs
Light colors at grade reduce heat island around ground level and main entry
Urban density, and mass transit routes are plentiful

Interior Common Spaces

A few examples of LED lighting (main building entry)
LED in elevator cars
Recycling receptors
Regenerative elevator cars

Un-finished Shell Space

Fly ash concrete construction
Dual-pane curtain walls with tinting and low-e coatings
Occupancy sensors for restroom lighting
Low-flow sensor operated lavatories
Dual-flush water closets

Finished Tenant Space (18th floor)

Task lighting
Interior photo-sensors for reduction of lighting when ambient sun is adequate
Automated roller shades track solar orientation
Daylight and views for virtually all regular occupants
Recycled “ice-stone” table tops
High recycle content in furniture
Local sourcing of furniture
Recycle content carpeting
Low-emitting paints
High recycled content wood
Recycling receptors
Thermal comfort through control zoning

Finally, we would like to thank our Event Sponsor, KZF Design, for providing lunch for the event, and to Eric Fortner of KZF Design for being one of our project experts, providing insight and answering questions from attendees about the interiors design that achieved LEED CI Gold. The photos below are courtesy of KZF Design, who provided the interior design for the Great American Insurance Group spaces.

GAI 18 - CorridorGAI Workstation 2 GAI Break Rooms

Shell space photos from the tour:

Images provided by Eagle Realty Group:
QCS Promenade
QCS Photo Exterior

Event Sponsor: kzf logo