With different governing bodies such as the executive, judicial and legislative branches, Ohio has many capable leader who ensure everything stays in the right order as they should the state grows economically. There are several departments under the executive branch such as the governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, state auditor, state treasurer, secretary of state and state agencies as well as departments, boards and commissions. The legislature has categories like house representatives, senate, and legislators, while the judiciary is made of supreme courts, district courts of appeal and common pleas courts. Every leader in these categories has a duty to serve the people who elect them regardless of the political party they’re affiliated with and failure to do so usually leads to not being re-elected.

The ranking order starts with the governor, followed by lieutenant governor, together with attorney general and secretary of state respectively. Cincinnati also has many other officials representing other places even though their home origin is Ohio. Here are some of the current elected officials in Cincinnati Ohio.

The governor is John Kasich who is assisted by Mary Taylor. Mike DeWine is the attorney general whereas Hon. Jon Husted is the secretary of state. All these officials belong to the Republican Party. The treasurer of state is Josh Mandel with the state board of education being led by Tess Elshoff. The Ohio senate consists of Randy Gardner, Kevin Bacon, William P. Colley II, Bill Beagle, Peggy Lehner, Steve Wilson, Lou Terhar, Cecil Thomas, Bob D. Hackett, Edna Brown, Matt Huffman, Gayle Manning, Joey Uecker, Charleta B. Tavares, Stephanie Kunze, Bob, Peterson, John Eklund, Kris Jordan, Troy Balderson, Sandra Williams, Larry Obhof, Michael J. Skindell, Matt Dolan, Kenny Yuko, Dave Burke, Frank LaRose, Vernon Sykes, Scott Oelslager, Frank Hoagland, Jay Hottinger, Sean O’Brien and Joseph Schiavoni.

Many other capable leaders like representatives and legislators sit on various capacities and perform their duties diligently under the legislative branch. Although for the past three years there haven’t been executive elections in Cincinnati, the year 2018 will have an election of all the six offices. They usually have the same number of years in office as the president, giving them up to four years to prove their worth before they request voters to place them back in office. Having s governor who is not only hard working but also faithful in delivering services to the people and upholding integrity helps the other leaders follow suit, which is one of the reasons why the state of Cincinnati has grown, and continues to do in every aspect.