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2016 Green Advocate Award Recipients Posted by admin on 12/12/16 in Chapter, Uncategorized

The USGBC Southwest Ohio is proud to present the 2017 Green Advocate Award to the Montgomery County Commission; Debbie Lieberman, Judy Dodge and Dan Foley.
We wish to recognize the Commission for their leadership in the formation of and especially for their ongoing support of the Dayton Regional Green (DRG) Initiative! Such support is critical to maintain initial gains and to build momentum for greater community impact.
These items speak volumes to the inclusive nature and community-wide impact the Commission created with establishing the DRG:
  • Regional:  The Commission made certain the DRG is Regionally based – affecting not only Montgomery County, Ohio, but also its 17 surrounding counties.
  • Community: The DRG is built on community-based People, Profit, Planet principles:   Major public and private organizations lead the 12 Sustainability Action Teams of the DRG.  Five Rivers MetroParks focuses on Social Equity and Livability (People), Dayton Regional Green 3 focuses on Economic and Energy Impact (Profit) and Partners for the Environment focuses on Natural Resources (Planet).
We understand the Vision of the DRG is for the Dayton Region to be the most vibrant economy and healthy environment in the Midwest to Live, Work, and Play, and the DRG Mission’s is for it to be a leadership collaborative committed to enhancing the quality of life and environmental assets of the region by promoting social responsibility, growing our economy, and protecting a healthy environment.  With the DRG, the Montgomery County Commission has formed an organization that will continue well into the future in making significant impact to the overall sustainability (Quality of Life) of the SW Ohio Region.
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Dayton Green Apple Day of Service at Horace Mann Elemenatry Posted by admin on 10/10/16 in Chapter, Events, Schools, Uncategorized

The Dayton Green Apple Day of Service took place on Friday October 7th at Horace Mann Elementary School, a Dayton Public School. The event improved upon Horace Mann’s existing learning garden, which is already an important part of the school’s curriculum, by enlarging the garden and adding an outdoor classroom. The service day was a collaboration between the USGBC, Wright State University’s School of Education and the Five Rivers MetroParks Community Gardening Program, with funding also provided by Whole Foods. The group of 25+ volunteers demolished the old, deteriorating garden beds, constructed two large new raised beds from block and filled them with garden soil, added two rain barrels and bird feeders, and mulched a large area for the outdoor “classroom” with repurposed stumps for student seating.

We had fantastic turn-out with folks from the USGBC, WSU, Five Rivers MetroParks, and a large number of students, staff and parents from Horace Mann participating. The group made quick work, finishing the project in 3 hours, and then enjoying hotdogs together afterwards courtesy of the school. The Chapter paid for the garden soil and various garden supplies for the projects.

Enjoy the pictures of the event, below:

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Four USGBC Ohio Chapters to consolidate and integrate with USGBC Posted by admin on 08/8/16 in Chapter, Uncategorized

This fall will mark an important milestone for the USGBC SW OH Region and our mission in Ohio.   As you may know, leaders from the four USGBC Ohio chapters (Central, Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest) have been meeting since late last year to consolidate our efforts into one state-wide entity: USGBC Ohio.

After years of collaboration, we are pleased to announce the four USGBC Ohio Chapters (Central, Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest) will consolidate efforts this Fall (2016) to form one statewide entity: USGBC Ohio!

Why the Change?

In order to more effectively serve each of the four USGBC Ohio Regions, this statewide organization will offer our members:

  • Greater access to education, events and programming.
  • Enhanced impact and influence of our statewide advocacy efforts and greater benefit to our supporters and sponsors.
  • Consolidated and professional staffing support for Regional programming and Statewide advocacy and fundraising

The USGBC Ohio Chapter will be a subsidiary of the national US Green Building Council. While we still have a local volunteer leadership advisory board, we will now have full access to greater resources, programs, and staff from USGBC allowing us to go further, faster in realizing our vision of green buildings for all within this generation.

While we will be consolidating our efforts, most things won’t change on a local scale.  Our local work will still occur as it does now through the work of our local boards and committees.   As we consolidate, USGBC Ohio will also be integrating our efforts officially with USGBC on a national scale.

This integration will provide full access to numerous resources, programs, benefits, and staff from USGBC while reducing operational redundancies.  Working together as a state-wide entity in full partnership with USGBC will allow us to go further, faster in realizing our vision of green buildings for all within this generation.

We look forward to officially launching USGBC Ohio later this year and your continued engagement in helping us reach our shared vision.  Your participation will be more important than ever as we chart the future for green building and sustainability in Ohio together.

f you have questions about the Ohio consolidation or integration with USGBC please contact us through this website and we will answer any questions you may have.

It is an exciting time for the SW OH Region and for green building and sustainability in Ohio.  We look forward to a bright and green future together!

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LOGO DESIGN COMPETITION Posted by admin on 02/2/16 in Chapter



The US Green Building Council Southwest Ohio Region wants to capture your creative skills by helping us design a new LOGO! We are a professional, vibrant, energized, growing, progressive  and “green” Organization… We need to show this with our LOGO! (Look up and to the left… what are your thoughts?)

We need your help….We have 22 days….

1. The first rule is… abide by the requirements of the U.S. Green Building Councils’ Logo Guidelines, download them here: . (Note: “For USGBC Chapters with an additional, unique name and/or logo, the USGBC Chapter logo must appear as the primary and foremost logo in any graphical representation of that chapter”).

2. Start with the medallion and use our name: U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) Southwest Ohio Region (any abbreviation is OK – it is your recommended design!)

3. We cover the 22 counties in SW Ohio so we need to not focus on one city/area. (It can’t be any more Dayton or Mason or Cincinnati centered/focused than anywhere else).

4. ALSO….. the skyline of CINCINNATI in the masthead, needs to be updated with a new masthead reflective of our entire REGION… for the Website and the Newsletter. (for example you could use multiple skylines in a collage!) . We are looking for your ideas for his item, but it will have no affect the Logo competition should you not provide one.

5. Some “creative” input: Your logo design needs to be simple, crisp, and convey our energy. Logos with faded, multi-layered, multi-colored, fuzzy, etc. elements will likely not be chosen.

And the Winner is:

1. All creative sorts are invited to take on this challenge!! However, any current USGBC SW OH Region Board Members and Member Circle Chairs cannot win this competition!

2. All submissions become the property of the USGBC SW Ohio Region. The SW OH Region will also have the unlimited ability to use any and all and reject any and all submissions or parts/concepts of submissions without any additional compensation to the submitter other than the “Prize” identified in Item 4 below.

3. Winner will be chosen by the 10 current Board Members of the USGBC SW OH Region, (with input from Member Circle Chairs) at the March 1 st Board meeting.

4. PRIZE: Whichever design(s) is(are) chosen, that person and 2 friends of their choosing each receive a 1-year free membership with the USGBC SW OH Region and will be able to attend all 2016 USGBC SW OH Region events for free.

Please submit your “winning” design by: SAT. FEBRUARY 27th, 2016 no later than 5:00 pm EST

To: USGBC SW OH Region Administrator:


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