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1431-1435 Elm Street Townhomes Earn LEED Silver! Posted by admin on 03/3/16 in Building, Certified, LEED

Information provided Patricia Bittner, Bilt Architects
The historic property at 1431-35 Elm Street in Cincinnati’s Over the Rhine neighborhood was slated to be demolished. The structure was restored and subdivided into 3 lots, creating 3 zero lot line townhomes. The property achieved LEED Silver on 12/22/15.
The most significant green successes of this project include its location on a high-density, urban-infill site known for its walkability, connectivity and proximity to urban transportation, and its achievements in energy efficiency and water-use reduction.
Rainwater harvesting systems were used to prevent runoff of storm water. Bioretention Planters were installed off the back deck, adjacent to the kitchen. Bioretention Planters are rain gardens contained within an impervious reservoir. Rainwater collected from the roof is directed into the planters.  Permeable pavement was used on all new hard surfaces. Additionally, the property is equipped with low-flow water fixtures and drought tolerant landscaping.
The townhomes are located in easy access to shops, markets, restaurants, services, a park and public transportation minimizing the need for a car.
Additional green features include:
  • Low or no voc paints and adhesives
  • Used original wood flooring
  • Boiler for radiant heat

Visit the Facebook page to view more photos.

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UC Nippert Stadium Pressbox Renovation Earns LEED Silver Posted by admin on 02/2/16 in LEED

The University of Cincinnati Nippert Stadium Pressbox Renovation achieved LEED Silver certification on February 1, 2016. The $86 million renovation of Nippert Stadium adds premium seats to college football’s fifth-oldest facility. The 115,000-square-foot addition includes a new press box, suites and club seats.

Some of the sustainability highlights of the project include high performance glazing, displacement ventilation and  effective lighting design.

Other green features include:

  •   Over 35% water savings due to low-flow water closets, urinals, and lavatories
  •   A low heat-island effect roof and hardscape
  •   26% energy cost savings compared to a standard ASHRAE 90.1-2007 benchmark building
  •  Over 75% of waste generated during construction was diverted from landfill

The stadium’s capacity grew from 35,000 to 40,000 and include renovations to the west concourse such as updates to the concessions stands and restrooms.

Nippert 2Nippert

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LOGO DESIGN COMPETITION Posted by admin on 02/2/16 in Chapter



The US Green Building Council Southwest Ohio Region wants to capture your creative skills by helping us design a new LOGO! We are a professional, vibrant, energized, growing, progressive  and “green” Organization… We need to show this with our LOGO! (Look up and to the left… what are your thoughts?)

We need your help….We have 22 days….

1. The first rule is… abide by the requirements of the U.S. Green Building Councils’ Logo Guidelines, download them here: . (Note: “For USGBC Chapters with an additional, unique name and/or logo, the USGBC Chapter logo must appear as the primary and foremost logo in any graphical representation of that chapter”).

2. Start with the medallion and use our name: U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) Southwest Ohio Region (any abbreviation is OK – it is your recommended design!)

3. We cover the 22 counties in SW Ohio so we need to not focus on one city/area. (It can’t be any more Dayton or Mason or Cincinnati centered/focused than anywhere else).

4. ALSO….. the skyline of CINCINNATI in the masthead, needs to be updated with a new masthead reflective of our entire REGION… for the Website and the Newsletter. (for example you could use multiple skylines in a collage!) . We are looking for your ideas for his item, but it will have no affect the Logo competition should you not provide one.

5. Some “creative” input: Your logo design needs to be simple, crisp, and convey our energy. Logos with faded, multi-layered, multi-colored, fuzzy, etc. elements will likely not be chosen.

And the Winner is:

1. All creative sorts are invited to take on this challenge!! However, any current USGBC SW OH Region Board Members and Member Circle Chairs cannot win this competition!

2. All submissions become the property of the USGBC SW Ohio Region. The SW OH Region will also have the unlimited ability to use any and all and reject any and all submissions or parts/concepts of submissions without any additional compensation to the submitter other than the “Prize” identified in Item 4 below.

3. Winner will be chosen by the 10 current Board Members of the USGBC SW OH Region, (with input from Member Circle Chairs) at the March 1 st Board meeting.

4. PRIZE: Whichever design(s) is(are) chosen, that person and 2 friends of their choosing each receive a 1-year free membership with the USGBC SW OH Region and will be able to attend all 2016 USGBC SW OH Region events for free.

Please submit your “winning” design by: SAT. FEBRUARY 27th, 2016 no later than 5:00 pm EST

To: USGBC SW OH Region Administrator:


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2872 Erie Avenue Achieves LEED Platinum Posted by admin on 02/2/16 in Building, Certified, LEED

Information and photos provided by Jim Bronzie/Bronzie Design and Build
Cincinnati now has a LEED Platinum remodeled home! The Hyde Park home, built in 1905, received 91 points.  It earned LEED Platinum certification December 9, 2015.
The builder, Jim Bronzie, made significant improvements to the building envelope and heating and cooling system design. The entire top two floors and porch were removed but the first floor walls were left. Another wall was added inside of those for added insulation. Closed cell insulation was used. A geothermal heating and cooling system was installed. Floor to ceiling glass walls bring in the natural daylight.
The wood flooring was locally sourced from an Amish craftsman. Thermory solid ash wood decking and cladding was used. The Thermory process uses only heat and steam, no chemicals. LED lighting was used through much of the house which was purchased from a business in Over the Rhine. Some materials from the home were diverted from the landfill and recycled. All the floor joists and wood were saved to be used on another project.
Other green features include a water capturing system and drought tolerant landscaping.
original 2872 Erie2872 Erie 22872 Erie 9
  2872 Erie 29 2872 Erie 2872 Erie 3 2782 Erie 6 2872 19 2872 Erie 4 2872 Erie 5 2872 Erie 7 2872 Erie 8 2872 Erie 10 2872 Erie 11 2872 Erie 20 2872 Erie 23 2872 Erie 28 2872 Erie15 2872 Erie16 2872 Erie18

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