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2872 Erie Avenue Achieves LEED Platinum Posted by admin on 02/2/16 in Building, Certified, LEED

Information and photos provided by Jim Bronzie/Bronzie Design and Build
Cincinnati now has a LEED Platinum remodeled home! The Hyde Park home, built in 1905, received 91 points.  It earned LEED Platinum certification December 9, 2015.
The builder, Jim Bronzie, made significant improvements to the building envelope and heating and cooling system design. The entire top two floors and porch were removed but the first floor walls were left. Another wall was added inside of those for added insulation. Closed cell insulation was used. A geothermal heating and cooling system was installed. Floor to ceiling glass walls bring in the natural daylight.
The wood flooring was locally sourced from an Amish craftsman. Thermory solid ash wood decking and cladding was used. The Thermory process uses only heat and steam, no chemicals. LED lighting was used through much of the house which was purchased from a business in Over the Rhine. Some materials from the home were diverted from the landfill and recycled. All the floor joists and wood were saved to be used on another project.
Other green features include a water capturing system and drought tolerant landscaping.
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Rothenberg Preparatory Academy Achieves LEED Silver! Posted by admin on 01/1/16 in Building, Certified, LEED

Rothenberg Preparatory Academy is a four-story, 137,839 square-foot facility which supports an enrollment of 424 students. The renovated building reopened in fall 2013 and earned LEED for Schools Silver certification November 3, 2015. The renovation of the elementary school, originally built in 1930, preserved the original character of the school while upgrading the interior to a 212st century learning environment.
The project included various sustainable sites elements. The design of the school incorporates the use of a rooftop garden to reduce the heat island effect. The roof previously served as a playground for the children. The garden includes 32 raised garden beds of various sizes. Teachers are assigned a garden bed and each student has their own spot to grow the plants they choose. It includes a community area with bench seating, a gathering area and an outdoor classroom. Shade awning help protect the plants. The garden provides hands-on learning experiences to enrich the curriculum and develop critical thinking skills. It also serves the community with activities as a Community Learning Center. The site design also included a large community playground, and several landscaped plazas.
Other green features include maintaining existing walls, floors and roof; passive solar; extensive daylighting using skylights; and the use of low emitting materials, regional materials, and recycled content.
Photos from
Rothenberg rothenberg_rooftop_garden1 rothenberg_rooftop_garden2 rothenberg_rooftop_garden4 rothenberg_rooftop_garden7 rothenberg_rooftop_garden8 rothenberg_rooftop_garden9 rothenberg_rooftop_garden10 rothenberg_rooftop_garden11

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KZF Design Looking to Fill Multiple Positions in Downtown Cincinnati Posted by admin on 01/1/16 in Green Building Jobs

KZF Design is an interdisciplinary design firm whose professionals are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their strategic goals. We are currently looking to fill multiple positions with direct experience working for consulting A/E firms. This is an excellent time to join an established Architecture and Engineering firm with a growing team of innovative design professionals.

Current career opportunities include:

We are looking for new talent now. Start your career at KZF Design today by visiting us at

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Children’s Hospital Location T Achieves LEED Silver! Posted by admin on 01/1/16 in LEED

Cincinnati Children's Clinical Sciences Pavilion

Cincinnati Children’s Clinical Sciences Pavilion

Cincinnati Children’s LEED Case Study_Location T

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