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Wellness Center Renovation Earns LEED Gold! Posted by admin on 05/5/16 in Building, Certified, LEED

The Wellness Center Renovation at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio achieved LEED Gold May 12, 2016. The Curl Gymnasium has served Antioch College since 1928. Contractors rehabbed or reconfigured the 44,745-square-foot facility, preserving historic architectural elements of the building while upgrading for improved functionality and energy use.
The 44,000 square foot Wellness Center includes and indoor swimming pool, studio spaces for group classes and a fitness room. It also is home to a large multipurpose room. Green  features incorporated into this project include:
Sustainable Sites
  • Integrating a rain garden and dry wells into the landscape around the Wellness Center helps to reduce pollutants and returns storm water runoff into the ground instead of overwhelming the municipal storm water system.
  • Bike racks near the entrance to the building encourage users to ride their bikes to the Center.
  • The new roof’s highly reflective material mitigates creating a heat island effect

Water Efficiency

  • Low-flow fixtures installed throughout the building reduce water usage 20%-40% compared to a similar non-LEED building.
  • The pool’s UV filtration system safely eliminates toxic chloramines and other disinfection by-products, requires less energy to operate and reduces water consumption resulting in a safer, greener, and easier to manage pool.

Energy and Atmosphere

  • A campus-wide central geothermal plant heats and cools the building, working in conjunction with large, high volume fans in the gym spaces to increase efficiency.
  • Energy efficient LED and fluorescent fixtures are installed and controlled by occupancy sensors to further reduce energy use.
  • The original building is renovated and reconfigured to minimize waste and to preserve historic architectural elements. Demolished materials have been recycled instead of going into landfill.
  • New materials like steel, concrete, carpet and flooring are made from recycled materials and come from regional manufacturers promoting the growth of the local economy while reducing transportation costs and energy.
  • Wood used in the building is from certified suppliers and harvested sustainably.

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • The building’s systems have been designed to ensure the delivery of fresh air into the building.
  • All materials used in the building, from paints to carpeting, are low-emitting with little or no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).
  • The building has been “flushed out” prior to occupancy to remove any harmful compounds that may have accumulated during construction.
  • The larger gym spaces have operable windows to allow for additional outdoor air on demand.

Innovation and Design Process 

  • The heat from the central geothermal plant along with waste heat from the pool dehumidification unit heats the pool water instead of using natural gas or electric energy.
  • Heat from the central geothermal plant will also pre-heat the domestic hot water in the building.
  • Strategies have been employed in the pool area to maximize daylight to reduce the reliance on artificial lighting

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Photos by MacLachlan Cornelius & Filoni Architects



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Cincinnati Zoo Africa Exhibit Earns LEED Gold Posted by admin on 05/5/16 in Building, Certified, LEED

AFRICA-LION-LOGO_RGB-131x150 The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden was awarded LEED Gold certification April 22, 2016 for its Africa exhibit. The Zoo’s newest and largest exhibit includes naturalistic spaces for lions, cheetahs, painted dogs and mixed hoof stock. A 400,000-gallon underground detention tank below the Painted Dogs Valley collects rainwater that’s filtered and used to feed the streams, waterfalls and tanks in Africa and other Zoo exhibits.

Other green feature include:

  • Drought tolerant landscaping
  • Efficient plumbing fixtures including faucets, toilets and waterless urinals
  • Diverted over 95% of the construction waste to recycling centers and away from landfills
  • 12% of materials used were recycled
  • Used low VOC materials on the interior of the buildings
  • Used solar tubes for natural lighting of the animal holding areas
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UDRI 1700 ETM Labs Earns LEED Gold! Posted by admin on 05/5/16 in Uncategorized

Information provided by Sumeta Sachdeva, Heapy Engineering

The University of Dayton Research Institute Energy Technology & Materials Labs achieved LEED Commercial Interiors Gold certification February 4, 2016. The labs, offices and cubicles are located on the 3r floor, north triangle wing at 1700 South Patterson Blvd. The overall area of renovation is 24,326 square feet. Over 30% of the furniture and furnishings (including cubicle components) were either salvaged, reused or refurbished items. Several of the construction materials contain recycled content including metal doors, ceiling tiles, insulation and drywall.

View Energy Technologies and Materials Lab Sustainability Map and Tour here. LEED Certification Map_rev1ET & M 1

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UD Shroyer Park Structural Test Labs Earns LEED Silver! Posted by admin on 05/5/16 in Building, Certified, LEED

UD Shroyer Park Structural Test Labs achieved LEED Silver on January 5, 2016. The 11,279 square foot science and lab building is located on nine acres of land on the University of Dayton approximately one mile east of the core campus.  Environmentally friendly features of the building include water-efficient plumbing fixtures, recycled content, recycling, and low emitting materials.

View a map of the facility and learn about the green features of the project here : Shroyer Park_Education Plan Map_FINAL

Here is a link to a video produced by the Dayton Daily News about the new lab:

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